The HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT) campus at Fraser Business Park, Sungai Besi, is part of the multi-campus development of the HELP Group. Located within the city of Kuala Lumpur (KL), the college enables students to enjoy the benefits of living and learning in metropolitan of Kuala Lumpur with access to excellent facilities and top academic and professional expertise.

ACCA Platinum Status Approved Learning Partner

HELP CAT was accorded the prestigious Platinum Status in 2014, just 3 years after the establishment of the ACCA programme. The achievement reflects the dedication and commitment of the staff and lecturers in providing a top quality ACCA programme. This is borne out by the many award winners nurtured over the years. The Platinum status means higher passing rate and quality education for the students

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Well Qualified & Experienced Lecturers

We are committed to assist our students to pass their exams through our team of qualified, experienced and dedicated lecturers. Most of our lecturers carry with them years of practical experience in the profession, commerce, and industry. The valuable experiences help them to deliver the ACCA programme that reflects the aspirations of ACCA in grooming future accountancy and business professionals well suited to the demand of the job market.

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Rich and Valuable Campus Life through Extra-Curriculum Activities

We are committed to provide a variety of extra-curriculum activities to develop the professional skills of our students. Among the activities are Microsoft application packages to enhance the digital skills of the students both to prepare them to take ACCA Computer Based Exams as well as to make them ready for their future working life.

Leadership development is carried out via our ACCA Club where students learn to organize activities and assume the positions of responsibilities as future business leaders. Talks by professional and industry leaders on business scenarios and sharing of valuable practical experiences will bring theories and its practical applications to come alive in the actual business which is inviable to help the students in passing the ACCA Case Study based Strategic Business Leader paper.


The many bonding activities in the campus will help the students to create the needful life-long peer network for life.

Convenient Location

The campus is conveniently situated in Fraser Business Park, linked to the Chan Sow Ling LRT station. The ease of access will reduce traveling time and do away with the hassle of traffic jam and parking for those taking the LRT. Even if you travel by car, there are ample parking facilities at the basement of the campus. It is a campus near to your office and your home in the city. 

Hostel Accommodation within the Campus

For outstation and overseas students, the hostel accommodation is conveniently located on top of the campus building. This will do away with the need for spending money and time commuting to the campus. There are cafés and eating shops nearby to cater for a variety of nationalities and ethnic groups. The LRT linked to the campus will make it easy for students to travel to the cities for shopping, for entertainment, for sight-seeing and for traveling to the nearby cities.

Special English for Accountancy Students

We provide an additional English paper called “English for Accounting and Finance” to our students to enhance their proficiency in the English language. This is very valuable for them to comprehend the conceptual framework of their studies. The paper also emphasizes on the thorough understanding of actions verbs commonly used in the exam questions. This will help them score high marks in their ACCA exam through the understanding of the exams questions and by giving the right answers merited by these action verbs.

Condusive Class Size for Effective Learning

With the introduction of the new case study based “Strategic Business Leader” paper by ACCA to be examined in September 2018, it will be quite a tall order to deliver this paper which merits the use of role-plays, discussion groups with presentation to stimulate independent thinking and simulation of business scenarios in order to tackle the case study paper. We are committed to having a conducive class size in order to deliver this paper, in fact, all other ACCA paper effectively to help our students in passing their ACCA exams.